Motivational Thoughts

Super Hot Tip On Making It Happen Gauranteed

The more you try to make things happen in your life, the farther away the your goal seems to be. What if you had access to a super hot guarantee to making things happen in your life as fast and as slow as you would like. Its all about taking action, daily consistent action. A Mountain Is Climbed One Step […]

Hey You Pencil Head

What… did I hurt your feelings? I am sorry… well actually I am not. In this episode I share why calling you a pencil head is actually a compliment. I am sure when you are done listening to this you will be inspired, motivated and not look at the phrase “You pencil head” the same way. The whole hoorah about […]

always win

It Sucks When They Always Win

The thought that “it sucks when someone else always win” or always seem to get that promotion or always seem to get the coveted salary increase may annoy you. Have you considered just being happy for them and their success. Congratulate them and let them know you