Motivational Thoughts

A Disturbing Tale Of Two Bicycles

Can both sides of this story be right? There are many worrying details on each side of this story which gives us pause to examine the possibilities and choices in our own lives. Like two ships passing in the night, these two bicycles passed each other on the street. One side was representing youth and the other side the elderly. […]

Take 4381 Lights Camera ACTION

What if you could guarantee success in life just by showing up? It might sound too good to be true however that depends on which side you take. There is lots of power in showing up because that puts you in a place of advantage compared to everyone else who decided to take the back seat on their goals, their […]

powerful mindset

Make The World Give You What You Want Anytime

You spend your every waking moment focused on getting the things you want in your life. That perfect relationship, That awesome job, the new car, house, clothes. Lets just throw in that awesome vacation while we are at it. Somehow other people get it faster than you and make you feel left out in the cold even though you did […]

A Personal Message From Me To You

Discover the awesomeness that lies within. Sometimes you just need a reminder that you are enough. There is nothing that needs to be added or taken away, there is nothing to be fixed, there is nothing to be repaired. You are the complete package of awesome goodness. You came into this world with everything you need. How do I know […]