Motivational Strategies: The Law Of GOYA

It’s a daily struggle for us to implement simple motivational strategies in or daily lives. At times we end up sitting or moping around looking at everyone else who has achieved some success in their life no matter how small and wish it was us.

Motivational StrategiesWe end up ignoring one of the simplest motivational strategies, the law of GOYA.

In this video you see the cute doggy moping around lazing on the couch. Dogs love chasing vehicles and postmen. However the dog’s favorite car passes by and he is in no condition to chase it. So what’s a dog to do?

You guessed it, follow 100% one of the simplest motivational strategies, the law of GOYA.


Just by following this law whether rain or shine, summer or winter, the dog was able to change his situation that by the time the next year rolled around; he was in tip top shape to chase the car he loves. In the video you will see there were a few instances where temptation was thrown in the dog’s way but he held strong to his motivational strategies, the law of GOYA.

In or lives, no matter how focused we are on achieving our goals there will always be tempting distractions but if we implement motivational strategies such as the law of GOYA, we will have great results in our lives and just like the dog get to run with our favorite car.

Check it out and be inspired by the motivational strategies our dog friend followed to get massive change in his life.

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P.S. For those of you wondering what Goya is… Get Off Your A**! Stop complaining about your life and do something. Please leave a comment.

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