Grabbing Life By The Balls

To get the best out of life, sometimes you just gotta grab it by the balls… well at least by the golf balls. Here is a story which takes the whole idea of a golf ball to another level and highlights the really important things in life. You may be spending a lot of time sweating the small stuff in life.

Your day ends up so filled with the small stuff leaving no space for the more important things in life like your family and your health. I saw a quote the other day that there a 70 million people in the world and you allow one person to spoil your day.

There are more important things than allowing one person out of 70 million to spoil your day. You get caught up with the material things like the house, the car which by the way can all disappear at any moment. Its all about getting your priorities in life right.

Love Peace and Bliss


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