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Karl Perera

Have you ever wondered how to make waves of success in your life? It can be way easier than you think with the Self Esteem Secrets shared by our special guest Karl Perera.

Honestly, there was no way he was getting off without giving me insider insights based on his 16 years of experience on the topic in addition to his own successful personal battle with self esteem. Karl is a teacher a life coach and the best selling author of the book “Self Esteem Secrets: 12 Steps To Success“.

He has lived in Australia, England, Italy and Turkey and is multi-lingual. Karl Perera’s mission is to improve the lives of people from all walks of life looking to overcome common life problems such as depression, low self esteem and lack of confidence.

You may not even know what self esteem is or if your are right now at this moment experiencing low self esteem. This is your lucky day because Karl shared insights on low self esteem and how to know if you have it based on his 16 years of experience helping people improve their self esteem.

questionWhy should you care about your self esteem? Especially if you are still figuring out if you suffer from low self esteem, How bad can it get if you don’t keep your self-esteem in check?

Its worthwhile investing time to improve and know yourself. One of the key indicators of low self esteem is being unhappy and having depression.

Karl has battled with the devastating effects of low self esteem for years and he scraped rock bottom for two years with depression to the point where he lost the motivation to see another day.

His life was shrouded in darkness and he could not see past the negativity which consumed his every being. How did Karl recover from the depths of darkness? The one thing that made a difference which he continues to do to this day is he slowly started putting positive things in his brain. 


Karl started focusing on all the things that were right in his life and found that relaxing positive music also helped to put him in a happier more positive mindset along with reading positive quotes.

Focusing on building your self esteem is like a muscle where the more you exercise the muscle, the stronger it gets. Karl exercised his self esteem muscle daily to create a happier more fulfilled life.

There isn’t any super confident person with high self esteem who doesn’t face moments when their self esteem gets knocked down a peg or two. The challenge is to build your self-esteem muscle so strong to minimize the effects when you get knocked in life.

What does self-esteem have to do with your level of ambition? They essentially feed off each other in that the more your self esteem grows, the more self motivated you become whiselfesteembookch in turn increases your ambition to go after bigger goals.

Of course, this can work the opposite way as well where decreasing self esteem contributes to decreasing you ambition resulting in a negative downward spiral.

Karl’s Book ‘Self Esteem Secrets: 12 Steps To Success’ is an easy to read guide which breaks down in detail everything you have ever wondered about self esteem.

Get your personal copy of Karl’s bestselling book ‘Self Esteem Secrets: 12 Steps To Success’ here.  

I was able to get Karl to share the secret sauce behind having great self esteem based on his 16 years of experience on the subject.

Karl suggests finding a book, audio, program or person you resonate with and actually put their tips/techniques into action. You may have read many books and…

…thought they didn’t help however you didn’t invest the time to give their suggestions on how to build your self esteem and opportunity to work. This has resulted in you being stuck and experiencing minimal happiness in your life. As mentioned before, self esteem is a muscle and you must do the daily work to get the muscle stronger.

home work time

Its homework time… Karl gave you homework to help you start building your self esteem muscle today. Hey, he is a teacher…. did you really expect to get away without homework? This is the exact activity Karl used to help break himself from the shackles of low self esteem.

You will need pen and paper for this activity. Its very easy, start by changing your focus through listing your good features, the things you like about yourself.

This can also included things you have done and highlights about your character. Start writing some positive things about yourself, no matter how bad life is for you right now, you can still find one or two good things to say about yourself.

Just the act of writing the list is changing your focus from something negative to something positive. Karl also shares additional insights on how to do this exercise if you are feeling stuck and don’t know what exactly you should write. Just by changing your outlook, you can change your life.

Love Peace and Bliss


P.S. For more in depth insights on how your level of self-esteem can help you success just grab your personal copy of Karl’s best selling book ‘Self Esteem Secrets: 12 Steps To Success’ here.

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