Lock In Succes With These Top 6 Rules And Traits

You may not be a fan of rules or you like making your own rules. However, there are certain things super successful people consistently do no matter their field or expertise. Calling these actions rules or personal codes or standards doesn’t discount their importance in helping you achieve success. Here are the top 3 rules:

  1. Show up
  2. Be consistent
  3. Be OK with failure.

In addition, there are undeniable traits within these rules of success. Here are the top three traits.

  1. Discipline – This is the key to you showing up daily to take action or the level of discipline required to be consistent. Discipline is a really powerful force behind you continuing when you are faced with failure.
  2. Persistence – The power of persistence cannot be argued as its the one trait that puts the winners ahead of the pack. Persistence is key behind keeping you going when the journey to your goal or dream is tough and long.
  3. Keeping Your agreements. – Its important to keep your agreements with others however, the most important agreement to keep is the one with yourself. The agreement you made with yourself to go after your dream or the life you desire. This is the foundation under all the rules of success.

There is no doubt the importance these traits and rules play in you achieving any level of success. Take a look at all the super successful people out there and you can see they all follow these rules and have these traits.

What’s the one thing that’s stopping you from following this proven blueprint to make your dreams a reality? Although these rules and traits are uncommon or nothing exciting, there is no denying the role they play when you decide to go after the life you desire.

Live Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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