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Like A Bad Horror Flick You Looked Up

You might feel like your are stuck in a bad horror flick when you are separated from your cell phone for a period of time. There is that burning need to know what’s going on, to have information at your finger tips. OK, its confession time, Are you shackled to your phone? You jump at every beep or buzz. You […]

Believing This Defies Common Sense

What do you believe? When focused on changing you life with a goal or target you may get caught up in what you want. Or, how badly you want this goal to be your new reality. I was in a similar spot when my facilitator asked me, ‘What are you creating?’. My response was. ‘I really want to build my […]

The Heroes And Villans Behind Cause And Effect 2

When you look at your life and all the less than positive results that pop up… What do you do? Do you go into ‘Villan’ mode complaining and blaming some else for you misfortune. What are your first thoughts? Do you make excuses like ‘Its my bosses fault’, or ‘ The candy hypnotized me, unwrapped itself and flew into my […]

Killer Strategies For Winning Against All Odds 7

Stephen Sutton is the authority on winning against all odds. He is thriving and smiling even though the cards are heavily stacked against him. He canceled his lifetime membership to the “victim club” and did a complete 360 on how he lives his life. Stephen, for all intents and purposes had a normal childhood. He was involved in sports, loved […]

A Disturbing Tale Of Two Bicycles

Can both sides of this story be right? There are many worrying details on each side of this story which gives us pause to examine the possibilities and choices in our own lives. Like two ships passing in the night, these two bicycles passed each other on the street. One side was representing youth and the other side the elderly. […]