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It Was Pure Gut Wrenching Agony

Imagine this, Barcelona 1992 Olympics. Derek Redmond was the crowd favorite to medal in the Olympics 400 meter sprint. 150 meters into the race Derek felt a searing pain which as a result of a torn hamstring. He fell to the ground in agony and looked up to see where the rest of the runners were. He saw them at […]

Closing The Gap Between Reality And Your Dreams

Embrace those moments when you close your eyes and dream then open you eyes and see the opportunities that surround you. Sometimes you get stuck because the distance between your dream and reality is intimidating. You get stuck in paralysis by analysis, spending all your time trying to figure out how to fill in that giant sink hole between you […]

Make Waves With Karl Perera Self Esteem Secrets 1

Have you ever wondered how to make waves of success in your life? It can be way easier than you think with the Self Esteem Secrets shared by our special guest Karl Perera. Honestly, there was no way he was getting off without giving me insider insights based on his 16 years of experience on the topic in addition to […]

Chills Ran Down My Spine

I don’t want to upset you so I suggest you don’t listen to this episode if you are happy with your life as it is. When I first heard this story by Les Brown, I had chills running down my spine. This is definitely a horror story straight from the book of your life. Because no matter who you are, […]

An Unusual Source For Riches

Everyone wants to know the latest source of riches and how to harness it into their pockets and bank accounts. What you may not realize is these riches are much closer than  you think. RICHES LIE WITHIN YOU Wealth without enjoyment is little consolation.  Your real riches in life are riches of the head and heart.  Satisfaction comes when you […]