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Serious Disappointment

Today was a very challenging day as I had to face the fact and discontinue a special project. Its tough when you have time, energy and money invested into a project which doesn’t work out as planned. This will lead you down to the path of serious disappointment. There are a couple of ways to handle disappointment. The first way […]

OK Lets Face It This Sucks

Having a reality check is one of the toughest things you have to do however, its a requirement in order to have success in your life or to live you dreams… you must face what’s not working. Just the thought alone makes you really uncomfortable. The reality is success is just outside your comfort zone. Just ignoring the issues is […]

One Crazy Commitment

How crazy are you about keeping your commitment to your goals or bring your dreams into your reality? Commitment to taking daily action can beĀ  seen as the glue that holds everything together in your journey to success. You only can win when you finish the race and the crazy burning desire to finish the race can only come from […]

Its Decision Time

When it comes to the part you play in your life, you’re either the leading star or the best supporting actor. To experience any level of success, you have to take responsibility for your actions and your life and become the leading star. This would require you to make some decisions. Its not unusual to find some decisions being harder […]

This Was Unexpected

This is a story of two men which really highlights the importance of changing the way you view yourself. Too many times you view yourself in a less than favorable light and are always quick to default to negative thoughts while finding it hard to accept any positive feedback that comes to your way. This is the story of the […]