Like Rambo I Punched His Lights Out 1

I tend to power through like Rambo when faced with resistance. A take no prisoners approach to ensure consistent action taken towards success. I put my foot down and say this is happening regardless.
Its time for resistance to stop tempting and distracting me from taking daily action towards my success

Some of you may not be comfy with my approach. I am all for the peaceful amicable approach and called on a friend, Victoria Melchor for some additional insight.

She is a soon to be an official NLP Practitioner who shared a 5 step, yep 5 step process on her blog  for handling resistance. 

While I would really prefer to punch resistance in the face and I by no means am a violent person. Victoria suggests, its best to make friends with the negative voice.

Today we are focused on that lying, no good, son of a gun called resistance…. Oh, I am suppose to be nice. Sorry resistance… my bad.


We know resistance holds us back from taking action. Just like my experience I shared with you yesterday of the thoughts resistance threw at me to paralyze me from taking action. You can click here to check out Your Ticket To Roaring Flames Of Achievement

Victoria’s perspective is, the voice of resistance in its own warped, weird way is trying to protect us. Isn’t anything that ties to protect us our friend.

OMG, I just punched my friend in the face. I feel so bad… not really 🙂  Its like a love, hate relationship between myself and resistance. Victoria teaches us to address and transform our negative thoughts.

Fist beating into Water, vertical, splash

Resistance is operating on old data, old experiences from the past. We need to update that part of our subconscious representing resistance. This is where the 5 steps Victoria shared on her blog comes in and you can check out the full blog here Parts Integration NLP Pattern

Here is the parts integration NLP pattern Victoria shared on her blog. 

Follow these 5 easy steps in order to forge a deal between that part of you that is subconsciously trying to protect you in its own way, and that part of you that is like “umm… excuse me, I ROCK!”.

  1. Start out by identifying the two conflicting thoughts: in this case, “I cannot accomplish” and “I accomplish”. You may want to address these thoughts from a detached and non-judgmental perspective. Take note of any feelings or additional thoughts that may come up.


  2.  Determine the desired positive outcome of each of the two conflicting thoughts: ask yourself “how is this thought protecting me?”

  3.  Have both thoughts “talk” to one another: if these thoughts were people, what would they talk about? Do they understand each other? Do they understand what kinds of setbacks their conflict is causing you?

  4.  Reach an agreement: continue the conversation by asking both thoughts what it would look like to cooperate with one another.  What is each thought willing to do to allow the other thought to serve the purpose of protecting you?

  5.  Thank yourself: be friendly to yourself, remember to be non-judgmental and kind.

The 5 step process is an awesome way to bring the voice of resistance around on you side and if all else fails you can do what I do and punch his lights out Rambo Style 🙂

Love Peace and Bliss


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