Like A Bad Horror Flick You Looked Up

You might feel like your are stuck in a bad horror flick when you are separated from your cell phone for a period of time. There is that burning need to know what’s going on, to have information at your finger tips.

OK, its confession time, Are you shackled to your phone? You jump at every beep or buzz. You are distracted if you are not able to check the news or message the beep brings.

I just recently saw a YouTube video called ‘Look Up’ which shares a very eye opening perspective on smart phones ans the information age. You can check out the video below.

The video talks about having so many friends online and yet you still feel lonely. Its like you are slave to information. Being alone is not the problem when you are using your devices. Its about being productive and present like read a book, paint a picture or doing some exercise. Instead of being reserved and a recluse, you need to make the most of today by being awake, attentive and productive.

There is emphasis in the video on you enjoying the special moments in life more when your face is not plastered in your phone. Its really about giving life attention. When you are too busy looking down, you don’t see the chances you miss.

You are encouraged to look up from your phone, shut down the display as we have a finite number of days on earth so live life today. When the end comes, you won’t be in regret because all your attention was held by a little invention.

you and your phone

Personally, I am not a big fan of phones. Probably I was traumatized because of my last job however, no amount of peer pressure can convince me to keep my cell phone one. Actually, anyone who is a true friend know exactly how to find me easily because I definitely not hiding. It funny the shock I see on people’s faces when I say I don’t turn on my cell phone and I don’t know my cellphone number.

Why do I have a cell phone… good question. Its just a big expensive mp3 player for my guided meditations and an awesome alarm clock. I have turned all my notifications off when I connect to WiFi especially since I too found myself being a slave to the beep. Yep… definitely had to nip the notifications in the bud.

Have you ever disconnected from your devices like your phone, laptop and computer for a day or a week. I know some of you are having heart palpitations just at the mere thought. Let me hasten to say its not as bad as you think. Its one of the things Jack Canfield suggests when having a rest day to just lock off the phone and the computer.

amazing life

By doing so you have completely commuted to your relaxation. The world will keep turning when you disconnect and you will return refreshed and ready to take everything one.

My coach actually did that for two weeks, to the family up into the mountains and left all their devices at home. Oh my, I know what you are thinking, what did they do during that time.

Well they read books, made journal entries, had long heartfelt conversations and, played board games… all those things which have been around way longer than your oldest smart phone and people back then did just fine with those options for having a good time. Why can’t you?

Love Peace and Bliss


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