Let The Rampage Begin 2

Time stood still and triggered a rampage. Honestly, you look like you need to experience a good rampage in your life. I mean a rampage of gratitude. Sometimes we skip the point of gratitude and complain about our day.

Its the small insignificant things which we overlook that can break your precious day. The real question is , are these things really insignificant or have we tuned them out as automatic, as always being there just because of your geographic location.

Just that thought alone should put you in a space of gratitude. What are you grateful for?

Love Peace and bliss


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2 thoughts on “Let The Rampage Begin

  • Tope Fabusola

    The Gift of Life and Everything brought together to Create That One Unique ME! I am forever grateful for this. Truly, We take many miracles for granted over and over again, just because we find it ‘ordinary.’

    We do not know. Oh, we do not!

    • Alecia Lawrence Post author

      Indeed, so many things are over looked for what is perceived as precious like ‘gold’. Unfortunately we have no idea how important something is in our life until its taken away. Ones life becomes richer when we appreciate the simpler things in life.