Keeping Positive

Shocked & Awed By Devastating Choice

Honestly, this one threw me for a loop and I had to share it with you just in case you are going through the same thing too. We are constantly faced with choices on a daily basis. The results you see in you life, whether you like it or not can be traced back to a choice you made at […]

A Secret Weapon For Any Argument

If only I could find a magic wand to win any argument. Rarely I allow someone to get under my skin and annoy me and its even super rare since I have learned to activate my Zen mode. Oh my, today was definitely one of those rare days and I thought I would examine the experience with you by taking […]

Tactics To Slaughter Disappointment

Prepare for disappointment… What? This is the success tip given by one of my fave inspirational leaders out there. As much as I love Grant Cardone, I had to disagree. How about a different perspective that has you eradicating disappointment from your life. Yep it sounds good however, lets really take a look at the word disappointment. According to Google, […]

Making Every Situation Better

What if there was a way to make every situation you face magically better. I know you would be hard pressed to believe me however there is one simple way to achieve better experiences in life 100% of the time. Labeling an experience good or bad is based on the individuals perspective. However, in the blink of an eye life […]

Successful People Have X-Ray Vision

No kidding, they do have x-ray vision. If you are achieve anything in life, you also need to have this skill. Nope, I am not turning you into some sort of super hero unless you want to be one. If you have ever wondered what’s the missing link, why some people have massive success while others don’t. Its all about […]