Keeping Positive

Behind The Scenes Truth On Crappy Situations

Its almost impossible to completely avoid the crappy situations you may come across in life. They just seem to pop up out of no where. What if someone offered you behind the scenes access to the real truth about crappy situations? Would you take it? In essence there is a silver lining behind every cloud. In every failure or obstacle […]

Easily Finding Answers For Life Challenges

You are always looking for answers or solutions when it comes to better managing the challenges, obstacles and trials life throws your way. The secret is you already have the answer and are probably not aware of the juicy info you hold locked in your subconscious. I went through a process consisting of 1 magic question which will easily unlock […]

How To Avoid Losing In Life

Its easy to blame things and everybody for what you have going on in your life. The things you don’t like or hate around you. How do you expect your life & career to be any different when you still mess with the same things, people and situations. What excuses are you coming up with about why you aren’t winning […]

Insider Secrets To Success By Steve Harvey

There is no doubt that Steve Harvey is a success. It a good idea for you to sit up and listen when he shares his secrets. This secret to success is so simple, if you blink you might miss it. Just because its simple, doesn’t mean its not possible. Steve took us through a time when he was in school […]

Find Succees Like A Heat Seeking Missile

What if you could plug in the exact coordinates to lock in your success like a heat seeking missile… would you go for it? There is actually a way to activate that part of the brain and develop laser like focus which will have you sniffing out opportunities like a bloodhound. This all started with the debate of writing with […]