Keeping Positive

Why Laugh? The Good, The Bad, The Funny

What’s the one thing you can do to instantly put you in a feel good mood and give you a positive mindset? It can also temporarily take you away from whatever trials or challenge or obstacle you are facing in the moment. Only laughter has the power to do that. Laughter is a very very powerful, simple, easy, free thing […]

Cement Your Status As Outrageously Lucky

There are those people who just seem to have all the luck and leave you wondering why you can’t enjoy the same privilege. You see them having the great career, awesome relationships and floating on this big puffy cloud of happiness. While on your side of town… nothing ever seems to go your way. It just one bad miserable experience […]

Do You Know How Powerful You Are?

Honestly, do you know how really powerful your are? It has nothing to do with your background, or your education of how much money you have. I had this conversation with an acquaintance today who was experiencing some difficulties in life. They were worried about what they didn’t have and all the challenges they were facing in life. This worry […]

Protecting Your Dreams From Critics

Its really tough to swallow when someone whose opinion you care about says your dreams or your goals sucks or you are wasting your time and should do something else. Is this the end of the world? No, it isn’t because at the end of the day its your choice whether you allow someone to crush your dreams and set […]

Getting Nowhere With Your Dreams

There are times when you take action towards your goals, targets or dreams and feel like you are getting nowhere. I understand you challenging it maybe to keep you head above water while dragging yourself through the quick sand of disappointment. I have been there and I have come up with a series of question to help put you in […]