Jumping Over Your Limitations

Can you jump higher than a flea? Fleas are the smallest insect yet they have a 36 inch vertical (91.44 cm vertical). A fleas jumping ability has a lot more to do with jumping over your limitations than would expect at first glance.

When you capture a flee and place it in a jar with a tight lid. Although it has a 36 inch vertical working for them, when they jump, they hit their head and get knocked down. Due to this new development in the jar, the fleas make adjustment to their jumping…

…only jumping high enough so they don’t hit their head. If you brought in a new flea on the block, they would also jump, hit their head and get knocked down. They notice the other fleas jumping just enough not to hit their head and decide to follow their lead.

The sad thing is when these fleas have babies who are born with a 36 inch vertical. They see their parents jumping just high enough not to get hit and they follow their parents lead, jumping just high enough so they don’t hit their head and get knocked down.

What represents the lid in your life? Is it your finances, your job, where you live. Which ever lid you identify in life is self imposed because you are born with the potential to achieve a million times more than you think is possible. It all boils down to choosing to be the cause of things happening in your life which puts you on the path to success.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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