James Bond Styled Stealth Secrets To Success 4

When James Bond says he is going to kill you. You know you are as good as dead or he is going to die trying.

This is the power of keeping ones word and setting the stage for success with anything in your life.

There was a time when ones word was their bond. There was no need for contracts and a simple handshake was all that was needed.


I went researching what is meant by the phrase “my word is my bond” and discovered some interesting insights. Up until the fifties and sixties, when a work is guaranteed, cash or insurance bond was put up until satisfactory completion of the job.

When someone said my word is my bond. All that was needs was ones word to ensure completion. Their word was as good as cash in the bank. It was understood the person would do what they said and it was sealed with a handshake,

If a man’s word was no good, this means his bond was worthless (A bond was back with cash). People would also see the man as no good and deem him untrustworthy. This would bring sever disgrace to him and his family.

Contracts are need now for everything when in the past a handshake was like an iron clad guarantee. Honor, character and a man’s word were once more valued than gold.

How good are you at keeping your agreements?

Is your word your bond?

We warily make agreements because we don’t want to draw attention or we want to avoid confrontation or we want to be accepted as part of the crowd.

When we break an agreement, who are we really breaking the agreement with? What happens when you break your agreement? You will find friends, family and co workers loose trust in you. However, the most overlooked damage is the damage done to yourself.

You stand the biggest loss of losing trust in yourself, your ability to follow through. You learn to distrust yourself and you lose self confidence, self respect, self esteem. Every agreement, even when made with someone else is ultimately with yourself. Your Brain hears it as a commitment to you.

brainFor example, You tell your better half you are going to be up at 6:30 every morning to meditate before going to work. After 3 mornings of pressing the snooze button, your brain knows better than to trust you and gives up.

Effectively killing whatever intrinsic support and motivation you would have received from your subconscious. This creates confusion on a subconscious level and undermines your personal power. Its not worth it.

It seems as if we need some valued incentive to ensure you keep your agreements.

One question to ask is if you knew you would get a million dollars for keeping your agreements would you have kept the? How about this, If you know the person you loved the most in the world would die if you didn’t keep your agreements, would you have kept them?

We all have the ability to keep our word. Its just another habit for us to develop.

The personal power you get from keeping your word is worth more than a million dollars.

You stand you increase your self-esteem, self confidence, self-respect and you also gain personal power, energy, mental clarity, respect and trust of others.

Keeping your agreements puts you on the fast track to achieving anything big and important in life.

Here are some tips to help you with keeping your agreements

Make agreements you plan on keeping

Make note of all the agreements you make

Immediately communicate a broken agreement

And say the magic word more often…. No

You can find out more about keeping your agreements and other great info in The Success Pinciples HERE.  

You can also up the ante to ensure you keep an agreement like one on my friends placed in a Facebook post a challenge he planned on doing over 30 days. He said if he breaks his agreement he will give $50.00 to each person who liked his Facebook post. He had over 100 likes. I am happy to report he kept his word and followed through with the challenge.

Now you have the tools you can use to facilitate you keeping your word like James Bond and put you on the fast track to success.

Love Peace and Bliss
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P.S. How important is it to you for people to keep their agreements? Do you care? Let me know below in the comments

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4 thoughts on “James Bond Styled Stealth Secrets To Success

  • Robert

    Hi Alecia,
    I agree with what you said – Of the 3 Trust is the most valuable.
    They do all work together though in that – I generally have to know someone before I can trust them and that makes me like them.
    And then the other side is there are lots of folks I know well I can’t trust and don’t like at all.
    Go Figure!

    BTW – I got to tell you to encourage you – I love that you end each show with a joke – I am now running around at my job looking for folks that need a good laugh to share your jokes with – so you are reaching people in ways and places you don’t even know – How cool is that!!!

    • Alecia Lawrence Post author

      I am super happy to hear you enjoy the jokes I share in each episode. What is life without laughter? I am sure the folks at your job must be wondering where you are sourcing all these great jokes. I am happy to see you sharing the love and laughs. It always makes someones life that much better when you are able to put a smile on the face. Yep, that’s way cool.

  • Robert

    Hey Alecia,
    Yes, I remember the days when your word was your bond.
    And sad to say it but as for those ten people who did not stand –
    My experience would tell me watch out for 8 of them because they are probably lying.
    Makes the Know – Like – and Trust factor very important!
    Thank you for another excellent show!

    • Alecia Lawrence Post author

      lol Robert, You are probably right about watching out for those 8. I think many people stood up because they weren’t sure if they broke any of the agreements. That points to the need for more focus. I understand the know-like-and trust factor however, I always say at work I prefer working with someone I am not fond of who I can trust to do their job than with someone who I like and I can’t trust them to get the job done. Earning someones trust is 100% more valuable that making them like you. What do you think?