Its Not About The Nail: Are You In Denial

Macro shot of a nailI am sure you know someone just who just wants sympathy and the concern for their pain and are unwilling to look at any form of solution for thier problem…. living in denial.

Like a dog who lays on the nail and moans and groans because its in pain and still lays there no matter the level of discomfort which is being experienced.

Some people are fine with their problem or story. It somehow defines them and if you offer a solution to them, they start freaking out because they cannot see themselves without this problem no matter how painful it is or how uncomfortable it makes their lives.


In this video the woman is complaining about the pressure in her head and the man is trying to offer soulitions for her complaint. The woman feels like she isn’t being heard or supported through this pain she is experiencing.

Now take a look in your life and take stock of the are of pain which you moan about to your friends and aren’t making any vto change. The real focus here is taking responsibility. That is the key to having any sort of change in your life… responsibility.

If I were to take 10% more responsibility for my life I would…

The above statement is about taking care of yourself. I like to look at it as honoring myself. The word responsibility can look quite strick and threatening. Sometimes taking responsibility is done because of what others expect.

What if you operate from a place of honor… What if you did what honors you? How much happier would you be?

Should you get rid of the nail in your head or whatever way that nail looks? That’s up to you. I am just letting you know there are choices and even though that nail is like you security blanket and has somehow turned into you own definition of a badge of honor.

I personally love living a pain free life and to some the pain of finding something different might be greater, however, you might be surprised how much greater the reward one could have from honoring themselves. One of the greatest reward is peace of mind.

Let me know what are you doing to honor yorself today by leaving a comment

Love Peace and Bliss


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