It Was Pure Gut Wrenching Agony

Imagine this, Barcelona 1992 Olympics. Derek Redmond was the crowd favorite to medal in the Olympics 400 meter sprint.

150 meters into the race Derek felt a searing pain which as a result of a torn hamstring. He fell to the ground in agony and looked up to see where the rest of the runners were. He saw them at the 200 meter mark and thought, I can still qualify. He refused to give up, got up and started running again. By the the time he got to 200 meters he knew his Olympic dreams were over.

Yet he still continued with a fierce determination to finish the race. A man broke through security to run with Derek and assist him. I was later revealed this man was his father. Tears were running down Derek’s face as every step was total agony. His father looked at him and said. “You don’t have to do this”. Derek replied. “Yes I do”.

His father responded. “Well then, we’re going to finish this together.” His father encouraged him to walk instead of run. Together father and son continued the race. They kept chanting, “You’re a champion, you’ve got nothing to prove”

Just before they reached the finish line, Derek’s father let him go to finish the race. A crowd of 65,000 people gave Derek a standing ovation which he couldn’t properly receive because he was so blinded with pain.

When you don’t give up, You cannot fail.

Love Peace and Bliss


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