Is Your Brain Primed For Success

What if I told you it was possible to prime your brain for success in as little as a few minutes… would you be interested? Its probably something you never thought of as possible without taking up a big chuck of your time.

Your brain is an amazing super computer and I believe its extremely underutilized.  I am a big fan of any thing I can use to take advantage of this super computer while making my journey to success smoother.

We have discussed in the past your environment and what information you surround yourself with such as books, audio, TV programs and people. It wasn’t until I stumbled across this article by Steve Pavlina Prime Your Brain for a Permanent Performance Gain (in a Few Minutes)…that a whole new world of or changing your environment was made possible along with an in-depth insight on how it affects the brain.

I do suggest you check out this detailed article by Steve for deeper insights on priming your brain for success. It wasn’t until I read this article that everything started coming together as to why most personal development programs suggest you take particular actions.

I also took a deeper look at the current validity of doing affirmations. Just know you can finally prime your brain to put you in a better position to gain the things you want in life.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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