Is This Why Your Are Losing

Its best to be prepared for an opportunity than not to be prepared and the opportunity shows up and you are not ready. How many opportunities have you missed out on because you are not ready? Where would your life be right now if you had been prepared?

Doesn’t that get you just a little mad? Mad enough that you say, “I am never going to miss out on another opportunity again”. You being prepared is directly tied into taking action. Plus by taking action, you would be able to see more opportunities.

A great example is the story of Lisa Nichols. She wanted to a speaker and despite her teacher telling her she was no good as a speaker, her grand mother encouraged her. Lisa would write a speech every week to read to her grandmother. She was honing her craft for years before she got the opportunity. Now she is an international speaker.

One challenge you might have is putting in the time to prepare. I know you may feel like you are doing all this work and nothing is happening. This is where you faith it till you make it… just like Lisa did.

Some are not willing to put the time in to prepare because of the lack of instant gratification. Just by taking action daily and consistently preparing for your success… the way the universe works, it will happen and you will reap your harvest.

Sadly, most give up just when they are so close to winning, they lose faith. A great example of this is the 3 feet from gold story. He stopped digging and sold the gold mine. The next owner hired a geologist to study the fault line to identify the best place to dig. They started digging and after 3 feet found the largest gold deposit in that state’s history.

My friends, don’t stop digging. The only defeat yo have is the one you accept.

Love Peace and Bliss


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