Is This Choice Good Or Bad Or Scary? 1

There are an abundance of choices and possibilities available to you every single day. I used to believe what held people back from the life they desire was the belief there was a lack of choice.

Which obviously isn’t the case. Just by taking a walk to the supermarket you’ll see many choices of one type of product whether it be bread, salad dressing or bottled water. Due to the abundance of choices your expectations are raised and as a result you have the following fears: 
Fear of making a mistake 
Fear of choosing the wrong thing 
Fear of taking the risk. 
In essence there is really no good choice or  bad choice. There is no perfect choice or no imperfect choice. There are all  different kinds of choices that suit different kinds of people. You won’t be able to make any progress towards your dreams unless you make a choice.
I challenge you to find one successful person who didn’t make a bad choice, who didn’t make a wrong choice, who didn’t make a choice that failed during their journey towards success
I think you’d be pretty hard pressed to find one. 
Remember the formula for success is you must have the courage to start … to make a choice plus the courage to persist and with that you finally have the courage to succeed
Love Peace and Bliss 

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One thought on “Is This Choice Good Or Bad Or Scary?

  • Kulwinder

    Interesting that I came across your detiovon today. I have been wrestling with following the dreams I believe God has placed in my heart for many years, or getting a job. I have searched for jobs, but nothing has come through and I always go back to my dream. It makes no sense to others, as I have no money to do what I need to do, but I know that God will provide. My dream us to open an Arts studio for special needs kids. Thank you for sharing.