Is Opportunity Playing Hide & Seek With You

Everyone is one the hunt for opportunity and you are no exception. Depending on who you chat with, you might come to the conclusion that opportunity is extremely elusive or its everywhere. What is propelling the scarcity or abundant mindset when it comes to opportunities?

Its really dependent on the individual and their belief. My point of view is there are unlimited opportunities available and it starts from within you. Instead of looking for opportunities, you can actually create your opportunities.

Who said the path to success has to look a certain way? If I told you about a high school drop out who wanted to pursue his Masters Degree in education… what would be your first thought? Well you would probably think he has to get his High School certification and a Bachelors Degree.

What if I told you he created his own opportunity and got into the Masters Degree Program for an Ivy League University. He actually had his pick of Masters Degree Programs from several Universities.

You might start leaning towards the belief that he was lucky and the opportunity dropped into his lap. That wasn’t the case, he created his own opportunity by taking focused consistent action. He took the MAT and on his first practice test with twice the amount of time, he got a whopping 12 out of 100.

He needed to have an average in the mid 40s as he was pursuing his Masters in Education. Elsom had only had 30 days to prepare for the actual test. He went out and bought every MAT practice test, took them all. When he ran out, he started making up his own questions which he answered and marked two days later.He had on average 14 hour days in the pursuit of creating his own opportunity.

So what were the results when he took the test. Bearing in mind to study Engineering you must have an average in the 50s. Elsom got a whopping 76.8 out of 100. Now you understand why he had a pick of universities and ended up enrolled in Harvard University Graduate Program for education.

The limits in your life are the limits you put on yourself. The opportunities you don’t see are the ones you don’t create. One of the best ways to create opportunities is by taking focused consistent action towards your goals and you can start now.

Love Peace and Bliss



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