Is It Me Or Does Life Really Suck

At some point in your life you probably, like me have asked that question. Its likely you do one of three things when look back at all your experiences. They are either categorize them as good, bad or neutral. However, is it really the experience that’s good/bad or is it how you view the experience which lead you to labeling it as good/bad.

I understand life can come across as difficult at times, it drop kicks you and leaves you feeling stuck. However, during certain points no matter how bad it gets… you might smile or laugh at something funny. The reason you laughed is because you made the choice to laugh.

This also works both ways in that you can choose to allow life to bring you down. For example, both person can have the exact same experience sitting across from each other. One walks out and thinks, that’s the worst experience of my life while the other thinks its the best experience of their life.

The moment or experience is exactly the same. What changed is the perspective the individuals hold of the experience. In essence, every single experience you have ‘just is’. To get to looking at every experience as ‘just is’ takes lots of practice especially if you have already gotten caught up in the tsunami of emotions that rolled in with the experience.

My friends, you have the power to choose an experience like when you make up your mind its going to be a good day and you are not going to allow anything to make it otherwise. Instead of labeling an experience as good or bad, just recognize each experience as ‘just is’ and focus on the lessons each experience brings.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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