Part 3 Clearing A Path To Contentment Interview With Suzanne

So far you have looked at having more options when you are feeling stuck in life in part one. Then we took a spin at removing negative patterns that are creating obstacles to your success in part two. This week Suzanne is going to look at bringing out your magnificence.


Ask yourself this question. “Have you adopted someone else story about what you life should be like which takes you away from the life you really want to live?” This is one of the ways you could strangle your magnificence and suck happiness right out of you life while building a tower of resentment.

You my friend have the power to tell yourself a different story by pulling from things and people who are important to you that brings you solace and happiness. Take note what people repeatedly say to you that makes you feel good. Make sure to thank them and also let them know what you really like and admire about them. Life is too short for you not to let the people in your life know that you really care.

beware 2


Be aware that this induction will take you into a deep trance state so please don’t follow this demo while driving or handling heavy equipment.


Today’s demo is another one you can add to your favorites and come back to again and again as you face various challenges in life. You can substitute your own answers as you listen to this demo which allows you to reprogram your subconscious with a new story that makes you feel more happier and fulfilled. Once again I was the subject of the demo and all I can say is wow. This was a powerful induction that erased the unknown and gives you clarity about the future.

The ‘The Keys To happiness Report’ was deliberately added to the package to help bring out your magnificence. Honestly, do you want to lead an unhappy life? That’s my point… everyone wants to be happy which makes makes this report a key part to this package.

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home work timeYou homework for this week is to be transparent with the people around you about who you are and what your beliefs are. Strive to be honest when you talk to people so when they tell you they love and are inspired by you, then you know for sure they are talking about the real you. 

Also do the things that bring you joy, happiness and contentment in this life. Think back to when you are a child about the things you use to love doing, the things that use to bring you joy, that you loved. What did you love doing in your teens? What sort of sports did you play? Get in touch and start doing those things again.

Lastly take the time you need to have some serious conversations with people in your life such as the ones who trigger you and don’t make you feel good about yourself. Suzanne shared a very eloquent way in which you can approach these people. Finally, let go of the leeches in you life.

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