Part 2 Clearing A Path To Contentment Interview With Suzanne 2

Suzanne shared why she got into Hypnosis and NLP. She saw it as a way to share simple things you can use to turn your life around in a really huge way. This led to her sharing how you can navigate through those negative addictive behaviors that paralyzes your success such as people pleasing, constantly apologizing, bullying or taking things personally.

Suzanne went through the steps of handling a bully by sharing a personal experience with a bully at work who happened to be her supervisor. It can be scary having that kind of conversation with a bully however the positive anchoring demo in last weeks interview is a great way to prepare yourself for that situation. We also went through a spectacular demo around letting go of limiting belief using me as the test subject.

beware 2


Be aware that this induction will take you into a deep trance state so please don’t follow this demo while driving or handling heavy equipment.


I have been on this journey of personal development for several years. As a result, it was a challenge identifying a limiting belief she could work with. I found one and the amazing is there was no anxiety or fear around taking action in spite on my limiting belief.

The power of this demo is to help you clear any belief that is stopping you from taking action towards your desire for something different in you life. You my friend have the power to achieve anything in life. You can overcome beliefs such as “I can’t do it” or “I suck at _____” or “I will never be a success” or “I am an unlovable person”.

The awesome thing about this demo is you can come back to it again and again to clear you limiting beliefs as they crop up. Its like peeling off the layers of beliefs that don’t serve your purpose in order to get to the core of your magnificence.

Just for tuning into ‘The Alecia Lawrence Show’, you will receive a special VIP free gift from Suzanne. I literally told Suzanne she is crazy for giving all of the awesome items away for free. Click HERE to grab your personal copy ($365.00 value) for free before Suzanne comes to her senses :lol:.

Suzanne was excited to share the benefits of using the ‘Improve Self Esteem and Motivation’ audio which is a part of her free offer.  Along with helping you to break through negative patterns, it could help you to feel good about yourself and magically erase procrastination. You can use this audio as often as you need as you will be processing different things each time you listen to this amazing audio.

home work timeToday’s homework is around creating positive empowering behavior patterns. Suzanne implores you to really listen to what you say when you are interacting with people. Such as, “Am I trying to be someone I am not so that someone will like me?”, “Am I being bossy?”, “Am I apologizing too much?”, “Am I being angry when I don’t really mean to be?”.

Over the next couple of days write down the answer to aforementioned questions as you interact with people.

Then take a look at why do you feel like you are doing these things. When you have identified a belief you hold around why you need to be this way. Go back and listen to the demo in this weeks episode to help you shift the belief and as a result adopt a healthier belief.

Remember to Click HERE to grab Suzanne’s insane free gift which has been specially designed to help accelerate your success and help you live a life with more peace of mind and contentment.

Next week Suzanne is going to share a demo that you can use when you feel like you are having the day from hell and nothing is going your way.

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Love Peace and Bliss

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