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Suzanne-1-updatedAre you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, like you have no choices in life or you have no control of what’s happening in your life? Suzzane Kellner Zinck is our special guest on the show today who is able to provide insights on how to easily overcome the aforementioned feelings.

She is a Master Hypnotist and Master NLP Expert. You may or may not be familiar with these terms however Suzanne is going to share how using these techniques can get you unstuck in life and propel you forward to unparallelled levels of success.

Its interesting to learn you are in a natural hypnotic state throughout the first 7 years of your life. During which time anything said will be directly recorded in your subconscious and as a result potentially rule every single action and decision you make for the rest of your life.

This is where Suzanne is an expert at re-framing these less than positive beliefs you have recorded on your subconscious which leads to you recognizing new choices you never believe were ever possible for you in life.

If you ever wondered why you can’t do the things you want to or you can’t stop doing certain things. This can all be chalked up to you unconscious mind which is really running the show in your daily life and its also the director behind every choice and decision you make.

When the unconscious mind is polluted with negative and limiting beliefs…. then hypnosis and NLP are like a big eraser which removes the negative programming and release the beliefs which have been unconsciously holding you back in life.


Suzanne shared the signs you can look out for that points to underlying issues which physically show up in your life because of toxic situations or people. This became very personal for Suzanne as she was able to link her brain tumor to specific toxic situations and people in her life. Through the power of visualization, self hypnosis and also removing herself form these very toxic situations for over 3 months, Suzanne has been able to heal her brain tumor.

One of our regular listeners to the show volunteered to be Suzanne’s demo subject through an NLP process called anchoring. I would like to thank Gurpal for volunteering to work with Suzanne today. During the demo you will learn how to anchor feelings of confidence, being smart, centered and loved.

You will have the ability to better handle any situation where you might feel anxious, scared or upset by immediately triggering the anchor as demonstrated by Suzanne in this interview. The awesome thing is you can come back to this demo as many times as you want while sharing it with friends and family so they too can enjoy the benefits of having a positive anchor.

Just for tuning into ‘The Alecia Lawrence Show’, you will receive a special VIP free gift from Suzanne. I literally told Suzanne she is crazy for giving all of the awesome items away for free. Click HERE to grab your personal copy before Suzanne comes to her senses :lol:.

Suzanne also shared one of the tasks she assigns to her clients who are going home work timethrough difficult times or feeling anxious or overwhelmed. You can start by making a list of your family, friends, acquaintances and leeches (they are like energy vampires).

Separate your list of friends, acquaintances and leeches into people you like, don’t like and those you can do without. Put a check mark beside the people who you like and they add value to your life.

Put a question mark beside the people who you are not sure about, have a conversation with them about what they are doing that is having a negative impact on you. Then ask them to change. If they are not willing to change in the 1 or 2 chances you give them, then its time to release them from your life.

Then you are left with the people you can do without, the ones who don’t have a positive impact on your life. You could release them by allowing the relationship to whittle away by you not initiating any form of contact.

The result of this assignment will leave you feeling lighter and brighter. You will also have a better baseline with which to work with other issues.

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Have you ever felt like your live is going no where? Have you ever felt like your success is held hostage, like life is playing a cruel game and deliberately keeping success out of you reach? Next week Suzanne will share with you a process that will help you let go of any limiting belief that has been stopping you from moving forward and creating the life of your dreams.

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Love Peace and Bliss
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