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How much do you read on a regular basis? I know you are wondering why bother? I have some hardcore facts, figures and stats that will make your head spin. I will share this with you in a little bit.

Any progress you make in life requires you to learn and practice something new. Being satisfied or content with where you are right now is like putting a death nail in any future success you may have. There is someone right now waiting in the wings, taking action to push past you.

OK, so you don;t want to come across as greedy or wanting too much in life. Consider this… Do you see an Oak tree refusing to grow after 4 feet just because its content? No… it grows as tall as it can. Why do you put brakes on your potential when you can be all you possibly can.

Earl Nightingale says 1 hour of study per day in your chosen field puts you at the top of your field within 3 years. In 5 years, you become a national authority and in 7 years you can be one of the best in the world in what you do. Reading 1hr per day translates to 50 books per year, 500 after 10 years.

Gary Bencivenga contends Its about improving yourself by 1% each week. Actually, reading 1 hour per week is 4% of the total hours in your week. Can’t you spare 7 hours out of your 168 hours per week to your success? That 1% improvement compounds year after year and within a few years you will be exceptional at what you do.

Sadly, most people won’t do this.

John T Reed claims studying something for 30 mins per day for 6 months people will seek out your expertise, after a year people will seek you out nationally.

Where do you find these books? Start by seeking out experts in your field and ask which books they recommend. Get them, commit to reading 1 hr daily, highlight and make notes of the parts you can use later.

How to get your reading habit on fire?

  • Think of it like training, building your reading muscle
  • Make the time (non-negotiable)
  • Get into the habit (30 day reading goal)
  • Get disciplined ( This will see you through the times you don’t want to or don’t feel like reading)

I have shared some secrets earlier… Still not convinced? here are a few more just to tickle your fancy to grab the next book.

Reading 1 hour per day for seven years is equivalent to a PhD or post-doc position. This is 1820 hours of reading.

Top CEO’s Read on average 60 books per year. The average American reads 1 book and makes 319 less than the average CEO

Reading 1 book per month in your field for 10 years puts you in the top 1% of your field. Reading 1 book per month put you in the top 1% of income earners in society.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, regular reading will transform your life completely. 50 books per year makes you the smartest, most capable, well educated top person in your field.

As I mentioned before, most people are not willing to dedicate that much time to reading which has the potential of giving you that unfair advantage.

Here is the secret weapon behind CEO’s reading 60 books on average per year. They take courses in speed reading. I personally am a big fan of audio books because you can have them playing in the background. Of course I read the books first before I play it like my personal radio station.

My friends, you are truly doing yourself a disservice if you don’t start reading today.

Love Peace and Bliss





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