Insider Secrets To Never Working Again

You are probably thinking the same thing I was thinking when I was first introduced to the concept of never working again. What? Is it really possible…I had visions of me on the beach in Hawaii on a permanent vacation. However, the concept of never working again goes deeper than your life feeling like a permanent vacation.

Honestly, you can only drink so many pina coladas. The best way to explain it is through Micheal Matherson who says, he only works 1 hour maybe 2 hours max per day. Wow, how can he build a flourishing multi billion dollar corporation with only 1 hour work daily?

Here is the secret… what Micheal calls work is when he has to do something he doesn’t love, something that doesn’t fill his heart with joy. Are you doing what you love?

Doing what you love daily fills you will passion and enthusiasm, you loose track of time because you are so caught up in the excitement. This is the key to never working again. An easy way to figure out what you love is to place yourself in this scenario.

If you won the lottery, got the mansion, the cars, the vacations and everything else your heart desires… what would you do on a day to day basis when the need for money is taken away?

When you love doing something, you are willing to do it for free and getting paid for it feels like a bonus. Just listen to super successful people as they talk about how much they feel blessed for the opportunity to get paid to do something they love.

What can you do to get to that stage in life? First you have to identify what you love doing, then you have to figure out how you can make money from it? Do you need to work on your passion part time while you keep your day job? Do you need to go back to school or get additional training?

Every single thing you do may be directly or indirectly fueled by enthusiasm and passion. You may not like your job however you are enthusiastic and passionate about providing for your family. Taking action becomes way easier when you are able to big deep and find your ‘why power’, the underlying reason that gets you excited to take action.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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