I Did Not Want To Do This Today

You know you must do it… you must take one specific action which will bring you so much closer to your dreams or your goals and you are totally not feeling it. What should you do?

Does it really matter if you miss one day? If you are seriously considering skipping out on taking action towards your goals, then you have officially made your goals or dream voluntary… something which fits nicely into the nice to have category.

The difference between people who are super successful and everyone else is they make the specific action they must take to more them forward mandatory. The good news is if you take enough action consistently over an extended period of time it becomes second nature.

So when you run right smack into one of those “I am so not feeling it moment”… it doesn’t stop you because your daily action has become a way of life. It has become as necessary as your next breath.

As Richard Branson says, the secret to success is working when you don’t feel like it. I didn’t truly understand when he first said it until now. Its like as a child when your parents told you that you had to go to school… it was mandatory, a non negotiable point.

When you get up in the morning to go to work because you have to pay the bills, its mandatory… a non negotiable point. Yet you don’t afford your dreams the same respect. When you come home tired from work and you still haven’t taken one action towards your dream.

You brush it off saying you are too tired and opt to watch TV instead… at that point you have made your dream negotiable. Until you operate from the point of view that your dream is mandatory…. it will take you much much longer for you to make it a reality. You Choose

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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