How To Avoid Losing In Life

Its easy to blame things and everybody for what you have going on in your life. The things you don’t like or hate around you. How do you expect your life & career to be any different when you still mess with the same things, people and situations.

What excuses are you coming up with about why you aren’t winning in life?

Take a look in the mirror, that person you see looking back at you is the one and only one responsible for you not winning.

Its not your friends.

Its not the government.

Its not you education.

Its not your bank account.

Its not your family.

Its not your circumstances.

Its not any other creative excuse you can come up with.

Once you chose one of the above listed excuses… you are¬† giving away your power to something outside of you. You are giving permission to the excuse for it to rule your life. You are speaking it into existence as soon as these excuse leave your lips.

How do you not expect the world to match what you so passionately  believe as the explanation why you are not winning in life. Your brain regardless of whether you want it or not is taking note of these excuses and seeks every opportunity to validate.

Seek and you shall find. If you are focused on your background holding you back… seek and you shall find. Your brain will constantly find ways to validate. My friends, in between the darkness there is light. If you are only focused on seeing the darkness, the negative, the obstacles… how do you expect to see the light, the positive, the opportunities.

You are defined by what you believe you are and you have the power with in to bring any dream into reality. Instead of looking for all the reasons why you can’t have the dream. Start looking for reasons why you can and you will unlock a whole host of possibilities an opportunities at your disposal to help make your dreams a reality. Lets go make it happen

Love Peace and Bliss

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