How Resistance Throws A Wrench In Your Progress

Resistance is something you face on a regular basis as you take action towards your dreams. It shows itself in so many different ways. You must be cautious and aware because resitance can look so appealing.

Lets just really call resistance what it is…. a sneaky lying SOB that whispers sweet nothings in your ears to get you to press the snooze button again or just take a day off and skip taking action today or you can miss one days workout because you have been working so hard.

Now you understand what I mean by resistance being sneaky… please don’t fall for his tricks by giving into the instant gratification which resistance waves in front of you like a tasty meal to a starving man.

Today’s show was inspired by a post from Mike where he had to resist the siren song of resistance which was telling him while he was taking action towards his goals that “its late, just go to bed”. Mike didn’t give into the siren call for several reasons.

  • He had a big WHY behind why he was taking action towards a big goal. He is building momentum each time he takes consistent action.
  • He has primed his mind for focus and success by consuming some sort of motivational content on a daily basis.
  • He is pushing for exceptional results which requires him to push himself beyond his limits and take action in spite of resistance.

As tempting as the siren song is, it only increases the time it would take you to achieve your goals if you fall for temptation.

The courage to persist is a great way to ensure you build momentum and make great progress towards your goals. With the courage to persist, you can laugh in the face of resistance and push forward until success.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

You can check out the full post Mike did about overcoming resistance here Achieving Amazing Results

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