Having Courage

Insider Success Secrets From Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry reveals the secret to success. Tyler is a human being just like you and me. We all started on the same playing field when we popped out of the womb. If you want to experience any level of success, take not of Tyler’s journey to success. Plant your seed in the ground, water it and believe. Tyler would […]

This Is Not Normal 1

In order to achieve greatness, you would have to operate above the realms of normal. This was very evident as I grabbed lessons form the terminator Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. All I can say is wow, after watching the video about his determination and focus. He was determined to get out of Austria. He didn’t know how he was going […]

The Worst Time In My Life 1

Today a special guest Melissa Reyes was on the show sharing with us how she pulled through when she had hit a wall in what she described as the worst time in her life. Melissa is a mother, author, poet, certified life coach and she was voted as the top personal development blog for 2012 & 2013. One of the […]

Its Decision Time

When it comes to the part you play in your life, you’re either the leading star or the best supporting actor. To experience any level of success, you have to take responsibility for your actions and your life and become the leading star. This would require you to make some decisions. Its not unusual to find some decisions being harder […]

Lets Kick It Up A Notch Or 10

This may be the one thing that’s killing your dream. Its Average thinking, average goal setting and average actions. Average is about what you think you can do. I have been reading Grant Cardone’s ‘The 10X Rule’… wow and his message is to take your average thinking, goal setting and action and turn it up 10 times. My friends, its […]