Having Courage

Never Quit

Never quit should be your mantra not  an option when it comes to your goals, your dreams, the life you desire. The story below of Greg Kolodziejzyk highlights the benefits of never quitting on your dream. This story definitely wowed me and made me want to lick stamps  :-). As I share his inspiring story with you, you will understand the […]

This Is Hurting Your Chances

There are many windows of opportunities surrounding us on a daily basis and you could be hurting you chances to capitalize on one of the windows of opportunity by doing this one thing. You are looking through the window seeing everything you have ever wanted in life on the inside. The window sill is the perfect height for you to […]

This Shook Me To My Core

Are you pretending you are happy with your life as it is right now? Are you pretending that everything is OK when deep down you want more out of life, out of your relationships, out of your job. You are held back by feelings of guilt or feelings of fear or feeling like you don’t deserve to live your dreams. […]

Conquering Fear Through Action

Are you paralyzed from taking action towards making your dreams a reality due to some sort of fear. Usually the fear you have in your mind on how things will turn out is far worse than the reality. You mind is one of the best Soap Opera creator in the world. Think of something you were afraid of happening and […]

The Real Deal Behind Your Enthusiasim

Success is about going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Yep, I really took a look at how to keep the fire of enthusiasm going when faced with failure. Its a tough thing to do however its one of the secrets to success, not losing enthusiasm when faced with failure. Admit it, how many of you have thrown […]