Having Courage

OK Lets Face It This Sucks

Having a reality check is one of the toughest things you have to do however, its a requirement in order to have success in your life or to live you dreams… you must face what’s not working. Just the thought alone makes you really uncomfortable. The reality is success is just outside your comfort zone. Just ignoring the issues is […]

Lets Get This Party Started

One of the most challenging things you face when it comes to success or living your dreams is to start. You are either indefinitely stuck in the planning phase or you have every excuse under the sun why you shouldn’t start right now. I really need to know how badly do you want your dream to materialize in your reality? […]

A New Fact Of Life

You may view this as old or new information however, there is no denying the impact this information will have on how you proceed through life. Are you not living the life you desire right now because of a limit you have placed on yourself. One of the points I always highlight as a key message is you have the […]

What Would You Do?

You will definitely find out my thoughts on what I would do if faced with these opportunity. You might believe you are unlucky and there are no opportunities available to you while others are easily able to harvest as many opportunities as they can hold. You then wonder what’s the difference and why these opportunities won’t happen for me? Its […]

A Secret Weapon For Any Argument

If only I could find a magic wand to win any argument. Rarely I allow someone to get under my skin and annoy me and its even super rare since I have learned to activate my Zen mode. Oh my, today was definitely one of those rare days and I thought I would examine the experience with you by taking […]