Having Courage

Taking Advantage Of An Opportunity

Are you in the perfect position to take advantage of an opportunity when it comes to your dreams or your goals? Do you see an opportunity and then have the thought “If only I had… or If only I did… I could take advantage of this opportunity”. Its important to be prepared for your dreams. Think of it like taking […]

A Kick Butt Way To Conquer Fear

This is a new perspective on conquering fear and one I have never really considered. However the more I look at it and my past experiences, the more I can see the truth lying within. What if the root of all fear can be linked to a lack of understanding? It can be unsettling facing your fears. Most times your […]

Insider Secrets To Success By Steve Harvey

There is no doubt that Steve Harvey is a success. It a good idea for you to sit up and listen when he shares his secrets. This secret to success is so simple, if you blink you might miss it. Just because its simple, doesn’t mean its not possible. Steve took us through a time when he was in school […]

One Straight Up Gutsy Move

After recording today’s show I realized how gutsy a move I made in seizing an opportunity. At the time the fear of not moving forward was more painful than staying put. There are opportunities all around you however you have to believe you can have them in order to really receive them. It might require you to make a straight […]

Blinded: I Never Saw It Coming

Are you blinded to the possibility of anything being different? Are you subscribing to what everyone agrees is the natural way of life or with popular opinion? You hear phrase like, that’s the norm or that’s just the way life works or just accept life as it is. These phrases just make me want to scream…”Are you kidding me?” For […]