Handling Life When It Hits You In The Face

Its definitely no fun when life hits you in the face. However, life does not discriminate whenever its going to hit. While handling life’s hits, challenges, trials or struggles… you may put on a happy face at work or at school like everything is OK.

Its a completely different story when you get home and you are lying in bed about to sleep… the happy mask slips off and you allow the fear to come in. Fear of what the future does or doesn’t hold for your. You are not alone in this fear.

However, you have one of two choices…. stay down or get up and keep moving forward. You cannot win if you quit, if you give up or accept defeat. I know its tough… I have been there…you have to dig deep and find the will to move one.

Its easy to be on the bottom… it takes no effort to be there at all. It does takes lots of effort to get up and keep moving. The one thing I know for sure no matter who you are is you have the raw material, the potential to keep moving. Its yours for the taking if you choose to win.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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