Great Achievements Take Patience

You may yet to realize how much you have been lulled into the expectation of getting everything fast. You want to grab your fave cup of coffee in the morning from your fave coffee shop fast, you want the fastest phone, computer, Internet and car.

Everything in society is geared around instant gratification. You are no longer willing to wait to have great achievements in life. That’s why there is a 95% failure rate when it comes to achieving success.

I understand how hard you have pushed and yet, you are no closer to success.  You end up getting disheartened because your journey to success is not congruent with the instant gratification that’s readily provided at the touch of a button in your day to day life.

I think that’s part of the reason why its so difficult to persist and continue to take action towards making your dreams a reality.

There is power in delayed gratification instead of pressing the snooze button and staying another hour in bed over getting up and going to the gym.

There is power in delayed gratification when you hang out with your friends on the weekends instead of staying home to work on making progress towards your success.

You look longingly at the successful people who are living your dream and the lifestyle you desire. Yes you will see them out there having fun however I guarantee you that when there is work to be done they have mastered the art of delayed gratification.

They know they have to take the time now in getting this done right so that they can have more fun later. Are you willing to delay gratification or are you willing to put in the time required to experience greatness.

You might be thinking… I deserve to have this time to kick back and relax now. No doubt it feels good to give into instant gratification and you may not be willing to give up that bit of comfort to achieve that level of success.

I am here to remind you that success my friends, is just outside your comfort zone. Weather you’re willing to acknowledge it yes or no… you were born for greatness it’s up to you to decide if you will take the time to do the work, if you will persist, if you will step outside of your comfort zone to make it happen today.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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