Getting Nowhere With Your Dreams

There are times when you take action towards your goals, targets or dreams and feel like you are getting nowhere. I understand you challenging it maybe to keep you head above water while dragging yourself through the quick sand of disappointment.

I have been there and I have come up with a series of question to help put you in a better space mentally and drastically increase your chances of getting results. Yes, it may look like a lot of mental work. However, success is 80% mental and 20% action.

The first and most important thing is to identify and focus on your desired outcome. Then decide if your really need it because wanting and wishing won;t provide you with the results you so desire.

A wish is simply not strong enough to change you reality without taking some action to create the type of environment which will allow that which to flourish. Yes, it starts with a wish and then it has to develop into that burning need which fuels your obsessive desire to achieve success.

Napoleon Hill says you you need to have that obsessive like mentality when you are going after your goals. So do you have it? Do you have that obsessive like mentality to make your dreams a reality? That my friends is the secret to bringing a crazy insane dream into your reality.

Love Peace and Bliss
Alecia Lawrence

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