Get The Edge By Exploiting This One Thing

The one thing that gives you the edge to success is knowledge. The challenge is retaining said knowledge. Using this one technique can put ahead of the pack by helping you keep more of what you have learned. Just like you, my time is precious and I am always using various techniques to absorb knowledge faster and thereby give me a better edge for success.

This all came about from the following quote..

We Learn…
10% of what we read,
20% of what we hear,
30% of what we see,
50% of what we see and hear,
70% of what we discuss,
80% of what we experience,
95% of what we teach others.
– William Glasser

I would have love to see where writing fit into how we learn. We retain more when write by hand over typing. The key question is, ‘What type of information are you exposing yourself to daily?’ What are you reading, listening to, watching on TV, discussing or experiencing? What percentage of your learning is directly related to your goals?

If you are not seeing the momentum you want towards your targets, your goals or whatever you are creating then you really need to take a look at the information you are surrounding yourself with. The difference between you and another successful person is they know something you don’t know. That’s the bottom-line… its all about knowledge.

Its really worth your time to examine the type of information you are surrounding yourself with. I really went in-depth with a couple of techniques I use to put me on the cutting edge of acquiring knowledge strategically and with minimal effort.

What you focus on expands and its almost like you need a one track mind to your goals especially with all the distractions around us… welcomed or un-welcomed distractions. One tool I use is my focus journal. I write my goals three times per day in my focus journal which reminds me constantly on what I am creating in my life and ingrains it in my subconscious.

I was also recently introduced to an expanded version of my focus strategy which includes writing my goal as an affirmation with an end date. This technique is taught by Brian Tracy. Regardless of which technique you use, the most important this is you are focused.

Love Peace and Bliss


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