Funny Teaching

Why Laugh? The Good, The Bad, The Funny

What’s the one thing you can do to instantly put you in a feel good mood and give you a positive mindset? It can also temporarily take you away from whatever trials or challenge or obstacle you are facing in the moment. Only laughter has the power to do that. Laughter is a very very powerful, simple, easy, free thing […]

Failure Makes You Dumb

Stop the presses! News Flash! This one definitely has to be classified as a game changer. Can you believe it? Failure makes you dumb. Say what? Hear me out before you get all hot under the collar. According to Dr. Alex Lloyd, there is a failure mechanism which is tripped by the following formula. Stress + Negative Cellular Memory+ Negative […]

Bring Out The Violin My Laptop Died

I learned the biggest lesson the day my computer died. As much as the siren song of rage against the computer technician called to me. I was able to pull myself back from the brink and keep focused on the best outcome. This saga with my laptop… que the violin… has been ongoing for over 2 months. With a combined […]

Worlds Leading Poodle Wrangler Laughs In The Face Of Impossible

Why in the world would someone cross out the word impossible from their dictionary? That’s the question Brian G. Johnson answered today about this photo he had posted on his Facebook page.

Do The Small Things Matter?

When we are faced with various scenarios in life, how we react is based on whether or not our power perspective is influenced by a negative or positive tone. A perspective is a point of view but a power perspective is you taking a formal stance and choosing a view regardless of what others may do, say or think. Why […]