Finally Figure It Out 2

This is the moment you get to figure it all out because this realization just literally slapped me up the side of the face. All of a sudden it just clicked and to help you better understand success, ask yourself  this question.

Are you really exercising your positive muscle daily? Take some time to really consider this question. What are you exposing yourself to? What information are you being brainwashed with?

We are being brainwashed all the time by the media, friends, family and work. Why not choose the type of information that’s going to help build your positive muscle?

How do I know this? Many of you have been loyal listeners to the show for a long time and know I only started doing regular shows on a daily basis in March.

This decision to do daily shows was actually a part of a daily podcast challenge. The regularity of my shows before that were sporadic at best and yep, so was my personal success.

What changed? Well apart from me, I now have a much stronger positive muscle than ever because I get to share this positive inspirational, motivational content with you daily.

And here I was thinking I was only helping you, that I was bringing the best to you when by sharing my thoughts and insights with you, I was helping me. Even more now than ever I am committed to sharing positive content daily.

I have been more focused, more unstoppable and persistent in the pursuit of my goals and also experiencing a greater level of success. This is no joke and it isn’t about you listening to my show on a daily basis although it would be nice 🙂

All that matters is you are consuming positive motivational info daily. This is about building your positive muscle daily.

Love Peace and Bliss



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2 thoughts on “Finally Figure It Out

    • Alecia Lawrence Post author

      That’s awesome Keith. Thanks for allowing me to share my message with you. Comments like these are what keeps the going. Truly grateful.