Feeling Fear

change your reality

You May Be Onto Something There

How many times have you squashed an amazing idea and kicked yourself when someone else acts on the same idea. I can relate because that has happened me you. Learn how you can use your ideas to change your reality. Also get insights on what you can do when you take action on an idea and it didn’t work out. […]

Laugh At Defeat And Keep Crawling

You may have heard this phrase regularly thrown about … “That ship has sailed” Nope… I am not talking about my latest cruise vacation… although that would be very nice. I am making reference to missed opportunities. What if there is another possibility? What if you just have to find a different way to meet the ship? In this episode, […]

Its Not About The Nail: Are You In Denial

I am sure you know someone just who just wants sympathy and the concern for their pain and are unwilling to look at any form of solution for thier problem…. living in denial. Like a dog who lays on the nail and moans and groans because its in pain and still lays there no matter the level of discomfort which […]

Break Patterns: How Important Is The End Result?

Breaking The Pattern. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3xosMKYpu4&feature=relmfu On the way to our success or completion of our goals we get slowed down by patterns. At times we are unwilling to go the extra mile. There are supportive and non-supportive patterns which help or hold us back in life. We at time need to change things up to become successful or even to get […]