Feeling Fear

A Up Close And Personal Look At Procrastination

Procrastination has so many layers and another one was revealed to me recently. Contrary to me believing procrastination is a delay mechanism used to satisfy my inner perfectionist… I learned procrastination is also the manifestation of resistance. Resistance can be seen as a lying, cheating, sneaky, no good, son of a gun who whispers sweet nothings in your ears to […]

epic failure

An Epic Failure Oh No What Am I Gonna Doooo

Have you have an ‘Epic Failure‘? My perspective on failure is its the start of something new. You can learn from it, build on it and grow into a better person. Our friends in the Shark Tank, Barbara and Daymond shared with us how their failure make them unstoppable?. Barbara said every single great thing that ever happened to her […]

Discover How To Live A Fabulous Life And Make Lots Of Cash

Brian G. Johnson shares jaw dropping, easy to implement tips that could put on the path of living a fabulous life in as little as 6 to 7 hours. Anyone who can access the internet can use that to achieve a high level of success. A statement you may have heard however I know of a 9 year old who […]

fear of failure

Discover The Cure For Fear Of Failure

Imagine your life without paralysis by the fear of failure. What would you be able to accomplish and how much closer would you be to living your dreams. We allow ourselves to be sabotaged by the fear of failure. Yes, I said sabotage. Fear has its place in our life and in our world as a way to protect us […]

what is motivation

Discover The Secret Of What Is Motivation

What is motivation may be one of your unanswered questions. How to get motivation? How to keep motivated? What to do if you have lost motivation? I am not talking about losing your mind, I am talking about when you have lost motivation. The Official definition of the word motivation by our friend Google is – A reason or reasons […]