Easily Finding Answers For Life Challenges

You are always looking for answers or solutions when it comes to better managing the challenges, obstacles and trials life throws your way. The secret is you already have the answer and are probably not aware of the juicy info you hold locked in your subconscious.

I went through a process consisting of 1 magic question which will easily unlock the answers you seek. Using this process for the last 3 to 4 days brought on a major moment of synchronicity. Some may look at synchronicity as coincidences.

I like to see them as little life markers letting you know you are on the right track or confirmation from the universe. I was not feeling my usual 100% positive self and was lead to Three Feet From Gold by Greg Reid.

Its within this book I found the gems, which unfolded the answers I was seeking around improving a special project I was working on. There is serious magic in asking a question as that’s how you open yourself up to the possibilities.

Love Peace and Bliss

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