Don’t Get Stuck With Discouragement

Learned an awesome inspiring message from listening to an interview with Anthony Vincent. Anthony has over 7 million views to on YouTube to one video on his YouTube channel. Check out Anthony’s awesome video.

Some say he is lucky however Anthony sees things differently and based his success on creativity and consistency. Along the way you may feel discouraged and its how you handle the discouragement on the bad days which really highlights the strength of your character.

If you can manage to follow through with you daily plan of action towards your goals despite how bad you day is then you have found the key to creating momentum towards your goals.

That’s the power behind getting things done on the bad days. Its alright if you slipped here or slipped there as long you take consistent action, even if its completing one thing towards your goal for the day.

Its like putting fire into the engine which helps fuel you to do more the next day.

The most important point to consistently keep in mind is that you can never just mentally give up on anything you are doing. For example, you started out with a great idea which makes you feel good and excited and as time passes, you get discouraged and you think this just sucks and then you eventually give up on taking action. You gave up on following through with your commitment of change.

You have to push that discouragement out of your head and keep reconnecting to that source of inspiration and hold onto it for dear life.

Love Peace and Bliss


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