Do You Have What It Takes

When someone builds a $4 billion dollar empire with a $40.00 investment, you tend to sit up and listen. Lets face it, this person obviously knows a thing or two about success. Its Daymond John from Shark Tank who share the 3 attributes of successful people. Check them out and see if you have all three attributes.

The first attribute is successful people set goals and visualize where they want to be.  Yep that sounds nice and simple yet how many of you new years resolutions ave you successfully achieved. The fact that you even took the time to set a goal puts you ahead of 80% of the population.

The real power is when you mix goal setting with visualization. Its way more than visualization actually, it also feeling the feelings you would feel when you have accomplished that goal.

Its like living a future memory. One thing I practice daily is to visualize my goal as complete each morning before I start my day. It just gives me the extra buzz to take action towards my goals.

The second attribute is they learn and study what they are going to do. In addition to applying themselves to the process. You can accelerate your chance of achieving a goal by studying and learning as much info in relation to your goal.

This gives you the advantage however, learning is not enough. You must also apply what you learn. You retain what you learn if you revise or apply it within 24 hours of exposure to the new information.

The final attribute is they absolutely will not take no for an answer. If there is a way they will find it… they will figure it out. If there are obstacles, they will find a way around, over under or through it. They push harder and go farther than anyone else. They have a whatever it takes attitude.

You may realize all these attributes are not complicated. Its just a matter of keeping focused which is helped when you visualize and taking consistent action even when you feel discouraged.

Love Peace and Bliss


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