Do The Small Things Matter?

When we are faced with various scenarios in life, how we react is based on whether or not our power perspective is influenced by a negative or positive tone. A perspective is a point of view but a power perspective is you taking a formal stance and choosing a view regardless of what others may do, say or think.

Power PerspectiveWhy not make your power perspective a positive one?

In the videos it show two scenarios where both sets of people are experiencing the same day with the same events however one has a positive perspective and the other a negative one.

They are both caught in a rainy day and the lady decides to enjoy the rain while admiring all the small things around her. She had a power perspective to celebrate life no matter what the circumstances live in the moment, have a positive experience and ended up dancing in the rain.


On the other side of town are two friends who are caught in the rain and one thing after another goes wrong wrong. They are overwhelmed by all the bad things that happened to them that day and during their lowest miserable dripping wet moment, they see this supremely happy lady dancing and skipping in the rain.

They decided to adopt a power perspective and started dancing with this lady in rain despite how badly their day has gone. We loose this part of us as we get older and act how society dictates we should act just because everyone else is doing it.

If you’re being run out of town, get in front of the crowd and make it look like a parade. ~Author Unknown

To answer your power perspective question about do the small things matter brings to mind a chapter from a book I was reading where the individual drives everyday pass this farmers fence that was torn and a wheel stuck in the tear.

power perspectiveIt has been there for years and is overgrown by weeds and wild flowers. This person drives by everyday and thinking why doesn’t this farmer get the fence mended.

He later found out that someone took a photo of the fence and entered it into a competition where the contestant won $3000.00 for the photo. That is the power of having the right perspective.

This individual thought the torn fence was an eye soar while the contestant saw the beauty in the fence with the wheel and won a competition. Not to mention how this individual was mulling over his missed opportunity considering he had a camera and he drove past the same fence twice daily.

He did not tap into his power perspective and lost $3000.00 which he could put o good use.

As for the farmer, he was sitting proudly on his porch watching passersby’s gawk at his award winning fence.

It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It is that they can’t see the problem. ~G.K. Chesterton

The perfect example of this would be my mother who is a cancer survivor. She has all the right to be miserable because of all the pain and medication she has to take. However, I continuously here comments form people that she is so positive, so happy, calm and collected.

That’s all because she decided not to allow her circumstance to dictate her mood. Choosing a power perspective has allowed her to have a very optimistic view on her situation to the point she does not understand why everyone is worrying and fussing over her.

Everything you react to in life is based on your perspective. Why not adopt a power perspective and choose to see the positive in whatever life brings your way.

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