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3 Questions To Ask When Faced With Obstacles

Whether you like them or not, whether you want them or now…. obstacles are simply a part of living life. They will always be there. Now that we have that observation out of the way, its time to look at what are the best way to climb over, walk around, crawl under or bust through your obstacles. Here is surprising […]

purpose driven life

5 Smoking Hot Benefits Of A Purpose Driven Life 3

Do you feel at times there is something missing from your life? This may have nothing to do with career finances or relationships… no matter how good each of those respective areas are, you still feel the pull for something more. Could this be related to a purpose driven life? The part which may be missing and could make you […]

Why Wishing For Success Is A Rip Off

I know you may have lost faith over the many years you have tried so many different things to bring what you deeply desire into your life. When I say you can have what you deeply desire… you are depressed because you failed so many times at bringing it into your reality. My thought is… “Did you really deeply desire […]

Biggest Regret

This Could Be Your Biggest Regret

Whats your biggest regret or do you suffer from regretasysis? Yep, I made up a new word (I think). We usually have more regrets as we get older and wiser. We usually have more regrets as we get older and wiser. I an sure you have heard the quote, “hind sight is 20/20” or something like that. We regret

Interveiw With Izzy The Ninja

I had the awesome opportunity to interview Izzy from the 30yearoldninja. Really, how many people can say they interviewed a ninja. We all have dreams and at times find ourselves on a road we don’t like. Do you make a U-turn and follow your dreams or do you continue on the same miserable path. Izzy and I have a in-depth […]