Discover The Cure For Fear Of Failure

Imagine your life without paralysis by the fear of failure. What would you be able to accomplish and how much closer would you be to living your dreams.

We allow ourselves to be sabotaged by the fear of failure. Yes, I said sabotage. Fear has its place in our life and in our world as a way to protect us from danger.

However, there are some fears that are irrational like the fear of failure. Its had to find one super successful person who has not failed at something.

They will tell you that its the reality of life. The difference is they don’t allow that fear of failure to stop them.

I use to be paralyzed by the fear of failure.

I would self sabotage… If I don’t do anything then I can’t fail. I shared the drastic measures I went through to get over my fear of failure.

OK, you don’t have to take the same drastic measures I did, you can take a simpler route. Just feel the fear and do it anyway. Take fear along for the ride.

When you listen to some famous actress or singer openly mention they go through fear before walking out on stage or performing. The magic is they feel the fear and do it anyway. They took fear along for the ride and you can do the same too.

We spend lots of time worrying about the outcome and our thoughts are way more dramatic than reality itself. There are only 3 options when it comes to fear of failure.

Take Action and leave fear behind

Take Action and take fear for the ride of its life

Take action and just do it.

You may notice the one constant is taking action. And if you fail… that’s fine… learn from it and move one.

How many top performing artist have 100% of their songs become a number 1 hit. How many of them have released album after album before having a hit.

I recently heard 1 super successful entrepreneur said he failed 95% of the times with things he did for his business while his success and millions only came for 5%.

So you failed big deal.

Failing and going for it again is way better than failing and giving up. Its your dreams, they are worth fighting for. Never give up and live your best life everyday.

Love Peace and Bliss


P.S. Let me know below int he comments how you are handling fear of failure.

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